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Our Pledge to Our Customers

To continue to make a safe and reusable product free of harmful materials such as lead. Fiesta Tableware Company's consideration for our customer's safety is a long standing commitment, with the removal of lead from select pieces of our line in 1986, to the complete removal of lead in all products since 1992.

Our Pledge to Natural Resources

To remain vigilant in the pursuit of innovation to reduce our carbon footprint on the global landscape. By rerouting waste kiln heat to other processes, Fiesta Tableware Company is able to eliminate the usage of enough gas annually to heat nearly 1,000 homes for an entire winter. Fiesta Tableware Company also has implemented a clay reclamation system which blends back waste clay into our clay formulation at a rate of 2 tons per day. In addition, 99% of all Fiesta Tableware Company products are made in the USA, cutting the need for overseas shipments.

Our Pledge to Our Environment

To reduce our amount of resource consumption, recycle what we use, and eliminate the use of natural resources when possible. In 2007, a review of our packaging allowed for unnecessary cardboard to be removed, this improvement cut our cardboard usage by 17 tons over the course of a year. In addition to the reduction of the cardboard that we use, all waste cardboard is recycled at Fiesta Tableware Company, and any new material we purchase has a minimum of 39% recycled paper content. When innovating, Fiesta Tableware Company is mindful of the waste generated in upgrading our facility. In 2006, Fiesta Tableware Company upgraded the wastewater treatment processes, and was able to reclaim an additional 1.2 million pounds of clear glaze, which previously would have been discarded. In 2007, Fiesta Tableware Company recycled over 200,000 pounds of steel, cardboard, and glass. In 2007, Fiesta Tableware Company also implemented a paperless order confirmation system, saving over half a million sheets of paper in the course of 1 year.

We make this pledge, and invite all our partners to do the same.