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Is Fiesta® Dinnerware lead free?

Yes. Fiesta® Dinnerware is lead free.
Since 1992 when a major manufacturing process change took place at Fiesta Tableware Company, all of the dinnerware produced for the retail and food service markets has been "lead-free." Fiesta® Dinnerware has been "lead-free" since 1986. The phrase "lead-free" has been and is used in connection with ceramics, including dinnerware products, in which a lead compound was not deliberately purchased and added as part of the composition even though a trace amount of lead may be present in the other naturally occurring raw materials. Because of the trace amounts of lead found in almost all ceramic raw materials, Fiesta Tableware Company chooses not to use the phrase"100% lead free."

In a recent court case in California, a Consent Judgment stated that "no detectable lead," which the ceramic industry understands to mean "lead-free," means that lead is not detected "at a level above two one hundreds of one percent (0.02) by weight or 200 parts per million of lead." The products manufactured by Fiesta Tableware Company contain 50 times less than this amount.

Fiesta Tableware Company sends its products to an independent laboratory to check for leachable lead release. All products indicate a lead release less than 0.002 parts per million. FDA highest allowable lead release is 0.5 parts per million. Fiesta Tableware Company leachable lead release is 250 times less than the highest allowed by the FDA. California Proposition 65 highest allowable lead release is 0.1 parts per million. Fiesta Tableware Company leachable lead release is 50 times less than allowed by the State of California.

What are the feature and benefits of Fiesta® Dinnerware?

There are many benefits to using Fiesta® Dinnerware. First we have to mention the broad range of colors that mix and match so well to provide you with a beautiful table for years to come. Most proudly we must mention as always our Fiesta® Dinnerware products are made right here in the USA by local potters as they have for almost 75 years. 

Features and benefits of Fiesta® Dinnerware and accessories:

  • Fully vitrified ceramics – industrial strength - Will not absorb odors or moisture
  • Lead Free
  • Made in USA (Newell, WV)
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven proof
  • Chip resistance - with a 5 year chip replacement warranty
  • Available in more than 75 dinnerware and accessory pieces including bakeware.

Most importantly Fiesta is the strongest most resistant dinnerware in the market today, for everyday and special occasion use.

Use and Care

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Use a padded mitt when removing from microwave or oven.
  • At times bottom surface can be rough. Sanding or rubbing against another bottom will produce a smoother surface.

Features and benefits of Fiesta® Bakeware:

  • Directly from freezer to oven
  • Freezer -500 degrees
  • Fully vitrified ceramics – industrial strength - Will not absorb odors or moisture
  • Lead Free
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in USA
  • Chip resistance - with a 5 year chip replacement warranty

Use and Care

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Use a padded mitt when removing from microwave or oven.
  • Clean with warm water and detergent. Abrasives should never be used to clean bakeware surface.
  • Dark glazes may show surface abrasions more readily. Plastic or wooden tools and care in stacking are recommended.
  • At times bottom surface can be rough. Sanding or rubbing against another bottom will produce a smoother surface.

What is included in the 3pc Classic and 3pc Bistro Sets?

The 3pc Classic place setting consists of the following:
  • 1 dinner plate
  • 1 salad plate
  • 1 bowl
The 3pc Bistro place setting consists of the following:
  • 1 dinner plate
  • 1 salad plate
  • 1 bowl

What is the difference between Classic and Bistro?


The Classic Place Setting consists of a Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, and Medium Bowl. These elements are the original shapes that you know and love from Fiesta Dinnerware. The Dinner Plate and Salad Plate have a traditional tapered look to them. The Medium Bowl is a low, shallow bowl with a narrow rim, with the sides measuring at a height of 1-7/8”.



The Bistro Place Setting consists of a Bistro Dinner Plate, Bistro Salad Plate, and Small Bistro Bowl, and is a modern take on our Classic Place Setting. The main difference between the Classic Plates and Bistro Plates is that the Bistro style features a narrow rim and deep coupe styling which allows for a larger center surface. The Small Bistro Bowl is a deeper bowl, with sides measuring at a height of 2-3/4”.

Why industry/Consumers moved from 4/5pc to 3pc Sets?

Let me share the background on why Fiesta®Dinnerware has moved to 3pc sets, leaving mugs and cup/saucers to purchase separately.

In the last five years, customers have over whelming moved away from wanting drinking vessels in their place settings for the preference to buy everything separately in order to get what pieces they want. First this was confusing until we found consumers wanted personal choices in drinking vessels.

While we know the convenience of 4pc/5pc place settings is what we have understood the norm for decades to be, the model has dramatically changed.  Our retailers, outlet stores and .com sales of 5pc set dropped to extreme low, if not non-existent levels; to the point where retailers could no longer afford to carry.  Equally the 4pc has been under extreme pressure as well the last two to three years.

What has caused this shift to change so dramatically?   The shift comes from three evolving points of evolutionary change.

  1. Consumers, not just commuters today are driven if not addicted to purchasing from their Starbuck, Dunkin Donuts, Panera and other fine coffee houses daily.
  2. Young customers and Baby Boomers alike have adopted their own favorite preference in specialty mug/cup/vessel; whether it be a sports team, interest, or maybe from a vacation/trip.  In addition a large percentage daily travel with some type of thermos or drinking vessel that they keep around them daily.  You will also notice coffee shops, grocers, convenient to department stores carry displays of drinking vessels providing even more options.
  3. Consumers have changed their beverage preference for dinner, reducing the use of a mug or cup/saucer.

Combined consumer habits have changed place settings as we have always known.

What material is Fiesta® Dinnerware made from? 

Composition materials of the Fiesta® body includes Clay, Feldspar, Silica, and Alumina adding strength and long lasting durability.  

Is there a warranty with my Fiesta® Dinnerware?

Yes. Your Fiesta® does have a warranty.
We warrant all china made by Fiesta Tableware Company against chipping under normal usage conditions for a period of five years from the date of delivery. We will replace any pieces returned and found to be defective with identical or equivalent pieces on a one-for-one basis.

All breakage and chipping caused by abnormal or abusive use is expressly excluded from this warranty. We reserve the right to determine whether or not the chipping is from normal usage.

To receive replacements under this warranty, claims should be submitted to:

Fiesta Tableware Company
Attn: Quality Assurance Department
672 Fiesta Drive
Newell, WV 26050-1077

How do I know I have genuine Fiesta® Dinnerware?

Most of our pieces are marked. However, it is not unusual to find a Fiesta® plate with a missing stamp. This is particularly true with vintage Fiesta® Dinnerware which was made before 1973. As an identification aid, we recommend "The Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta" by Bob & Sharon Huxford. This excellent reference work is currently in it's tenth edition.

Why are there different back stamps on my Fiesta® Dinnerware?

The method of placing our identification mark on a piece is determined by the way that the piece is made.  Most of our hollow pieces (mugs, bowls, pitchers, vases, etc.) are formed in a mold and our mark is carved into the mold, leaving an impressed mark on the piece.  Flat items such as plates are formed by a different method and an impressed mark cannot be placed on the bottom of the piece.  In this case, we use an ink stamp which is applied to the unfired piece, beneath the glaze. Please note that on some of the darker glazes it is very hard to see the back stamp.

Will you ever bring back a retired color?

No. We're sorry but we are unable to bring back a color if it is truly retired. Doing this would severely damage the collectability of retired and or limited run colors. We do hold the option of creating colors in the same hues as our retired colors.

How do I purchase a retired color?

Retired colors and items can be purchased through our sister site USA Dinnerware Direct at usadinnerwaredirect.com
Be sure to check the site often as new offerings are added as we find them here at our mile-long facility on the Ohio River in Newell, WV.
Fiesta® collectors, antique dealers and eBay are other common sources. Please make sure you make your purchases through a reputable resource.

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