Fiesta Stories

Hear from customers just like you.

Sandy S.
Athens, OH

My love for Fiesta started when I was a child growing up in suburban Pittsburgh during the 1960's. My aunt & uncle who lived quite close to us would have Sunday dinners after church every week - we would eat on my aunt's fiesta dishes.

They always looked so cheerful on the table, and it was no chore for me to set the table, I loved the dishes so much. She had gotten most of the set at her wedding in 1946 and had kept adding to the collection.

Five years ago, she gave me her set, used faithfully every day, now dwindled down to a few dinner plates, cups, bowls, saucers, teapot and other serving ware. I began collecting my own Fiesta in the 1980's, and now I serve dinners with both the old and the new collections - with my favorite color in both being cobalt blue.

The memories of these dishes are heartwarming & I think of my family and childhood every time I use them. Thank you Homer Laughlin for still producing Fiesta!

Susan M.
Pittsburgh, PA

Let's see… I am the younger of two daughters in my family and our Grandmother had original Fiestaware. That should say it all. So after much begging from my sister and me, mom decided to split it up between the twoof us.

She was really reluctant to give it to us because she had looked up its value on the internet. She particularly didn't want to give it to me as my husband is really rough on dishes.

One day I was in WV and happened to stumble across the factory store in Flatwoods and decided to start my own collection because Mom wouldn't give me Grandma's. I only got a few sets and shortly realized that I wouldn't have enough for Thanksgiving dinner.

I called my mom one morning and asked her to go with me to the Factory so that I could get enough plates for Thanksgiving dinner.

Needless to say we had Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year on my own Fiestaware on the table that was once my Grandmothers. Now I have the memories of growing up with Grandma's Fiestaware, my trip to the factory with Mom, and lots more to come.

Rosalie S.
Petaluma, CA

When I was a little girl (four or five) I would sneak across the street (because I was told not to cross a street without an adult) to go visit my Aunt Mary who lived in an apartment.

She would call my mom and tell her I was there and then make me a cup of tea. She was Irish and didn't have kids, or milk and so giving tea with plenty of cream & sugar was my treat.

She served that tea usually with a cookie or something sweet on her Fiesta Ware. It was the original assortment of blue,orange,yellow & turquoise..I loved getting to choose my cup from those bright colors. The memory of that happy ritual stayed with me.

Many years later (about 40) I had a dream about Fiestaware. The dream was so vivid I woke up and shared it with my husband. The very next day while shopping I passed an antique store with a window display of misc. pieces of original Fiestaware displayed in a dish drainer all for a special sale price.

I could not believe it. I had no prior intention of buying any dishes, but that dream told me I had to have that Fiestaware. I went into the store and purchased the lot. That started me on my own journey with Fiestaware. I love it!

I love using it every day. I have some original pieces and some modern pieces complementary to the original colors and it all makes me happy.

Lorrell T.
Rolling Meadows, IL

I was born into Fiesta. From the day I was first able to open my eyes and take in the sights around our house, I saw these colorful dishes; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My grandmother bought the original colors back in the late 30s. She gave her Fiesta to my mother, who proceeded to buy the later colors, including medium green. I continued to add to "our" Fiesta, often buying pieces too frivolous for "practical" Germans, such as carafes, demitasse cups, and the 20-pound mixing bowl nest! Fiesta is a part of my life.

When I look at it, I think of my mother, whose teacup of coffee got cold as she helped us get ready for school. I think of my grandmother, whose zest for life must have inspired her to buy the colorful ware.

Now I have many pieces. Some are mint, and some are well-used. They all hold a special place in my heart. And I have passed the love and tradition to my niece, who is our 4th generation Fiesta Girl. She often "shops" in my cabinet, relieving me of duplicate dishes, and I just smile. Fiesta is all about Family to me.

Jody W.
Cranberry Township, PA

Evelyn Eshenbaugh Waldenmyer, one-room school teacher, mother of four, married for almost 70 years to "her John", canned close to 500 pints and quarts of everything you can imagine from meat to fruits EVERY year, and my dear maternal Grandmother.

I adore her full set (with very few chips or cracks) of fiesta ware in orange, yellow, green and blue. I'm sure it is somewhere around 70 years old, as she would be near 115 if still alive, but she did live until almost 94, and "her John" lived to 101. True all season party dishes, they are great Mardi Gras dishes sans the orange, beautiful in the fall with all colors displayed, bright and happy of just yellow and orange in the summer, and the blue only accents my set of snowman dishes.

Dish collecting runs in both sides of my family, as I also have my paternal Grandmother's pink floral depression glass set (but that's another story). I also bought remaining pieces of the same style Fiesta ware at auction that belonged to Grammy's best friend. Fiesta was the rage in tiny West Sunbury (North of Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania back in the day where my Grandparents lives and where I grew up. It's great to know you carry on the beauty and tradition.

Using and caring for those dishes now, and curling up beside Grammy on Friday nights to watch the circus over 40 years age are much cherished memories.

I have a patch of red raspberries and blackberries, like my Grandparents, and those Fiesta berry bowls really are perfect to serve them in just like Grammy.

Penny H.
Wind Lake, WI

In the early 90's I was helping an elderly friend move from her house into an apartment. While packing her dishes I found 3 vintage Fiesta mixing bowls. I was very intrigued by the beautiful design and colors. She said she didn't want them and gifted them to me. I was instantly hooked.

I started buying vintage fiesta plates, etc. at fleamarkets, anitque malls, etc. One day I purchased my first expensive piece. A red disk pitcher in mint condition. I paid $145.00. My husband's words were "Are you crazy? You spent how much for a pitcher?" The funny thing is, all it took was that pitcher for my husband to get more hooked than I. Soon he was buying fiesta also.

Next thing I knew , he was searching ebay and calling me to look at a fantastic piece he found in the vintagefiesta category. He thought nothing of spending hundreds of dollars for a mint vintage piece.

One day we decided that we needed new every day dishes. My husband suggested that we get contemporary fiesta for everyday. He went further by suggesting we take a trip to the factory to buy them. Soon we were on our way home with boxes and boxes of contemporary fiesta for our every day dishes.

Every year we purchase the newestcolor along with the flatware and an accessory piece in that color. Now our home overflows with thousands of fiesta pieces in every room. And we love it !

Melanie M.
Rochester Hills, MI

As a youngster, I remember going over to my grandparents' house for the most delicious meals. It was exciting to see their kitchen table transform into a festival of colors! The laughter that accompanied the colorful display made for many wonderful childhood memories.

I remember the way my fluffy mashed potatoes and brightly colored carrots contrasted against my favorite Fiesta plate. Those were the days!

Now, twenty years later, I am all grown up and my grandparents have passed on. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit that china and Imiss those special meals very much.

Well, three years ago something amazing happened.

I was invited to a home cooked dinner by a special young man in my life. That evening, as he invited me into his dining room, I could not believe my eyes. Two brightly colored Fiesta table settings!

We had a fabulous meal. I shared my history and love of the Fiesta China with him. He told me that his set was handed down to him by his late grandparents.

Well, three years after that memorable dinner date, that special young man and I are still together making new memories with our Fiesta China.

Linda H.
Kane, PA

Growing up, we had Fiesta® Dinnerware as our "good" dishes. We always used them for holidays and important occasions. After I married and had children, my oldest daughter loved to set the table for her grandmother using the very colorful dishes. They had become a family tradition.

When my mother passed away, my brother and I were cleaning out her house. He had a friend who dealt in antiques come to the house to see if he was interested in buying anything. Seeing the dishes, he told us that Fiesta® was no longer collectible and offered $100.00 for the entire set, which included many serving pieces. My brother's eyes lit up and said that we should take the offer. I wanted to keep the dishes in the family. Since we were splitting everything 50-50, I asked my brother if he was satisfied with the $100.00 offer. He immediately said "yes"; so I gave him$50.00 and kept the dishes.

After I had the dishes, that same gentleman telephoned me several times raising his offer. I kept telling him I was not interested in selling. Incidentally, I had the dishes appraised and at that time their value was over $3,500.00.

Rita L.
Kohler, WI

"Love at First Sight" was the feeling I had in 1947. I was twelve (12) years old and staying with family friends at an unhappy time of my life. Mealtime became special when I was eating from those "happy plates" called Fiestaware!

Through the decades when buying dinnerware, I would look at Fiestaware and wish my budget would allow for a purchase, but with a family of eight (8), it was never possible.

Now, 63 years later, I still smile when I see those red, yellow and green "happy plates"!

Signed, Rita L (P.S. I am Patty, Rita's daughter, submitting this via email, since Mom does not have a computer. Thanks for this contest - I didn't know this story about my mom's past.

Dina M.
Oak Creek, WI

I was still in college when my mother suddenly passed away. She had enough Fiesta dishes for my sister and me to divide even though some had broken over the years.

During this time Fiesta dishes were not being produced, so I started to complete my set by picking up pieces at garage sales and antique shops. However as production of the dishes resumed, my set really began to flourish. New colors meant more possibilities for creative table settings. Bold colors for a Mexican dinner party or the soft colors of spring for Easter dinner, the possible uses have been endless over the years.

I have two daughters, who as children loved to pick out their favorite color dish to eat on. They also have helped search for the older pieces and helped decide which colors we will add to our set. Yes the set has really grown. And let's not forget all the extras like flatware, tablecloths or the snowman Fiesta pieces I just added this Christmas.

To some people it may just look like a set of colorful dishes but when my girls divide them some day, it will be a legacy full of rich memories.

Erin B.
Cranberry Township, PA

My Fiesta Story goes back no further than my own generation. But that's actually a good thing, as it will be ME who future generations remember as introducing the family to the Wonderful World of Fiesta!

My story begins about fifteen years ago, as a newlywed, anxious and excited to set up THE perfect household in mybrand new home. My husband and I were pleased to receive as wedding gifts a modest start to our fine china collection...a particular floral pattern for which I had registered several months prior.

But because of its extremely high price tag, we would have been able to serve dinner to only FOUR people! I had no choice but to place the settings gently in my china cabinet and accept the unfortunate fact that it would be quite a few years before I could do any serious entertaining. Or so I thought... And then it happened...what I call "The Great Fiesta Revelation"!

You see, by then a year had passed - a sad and lonely year during which my fine china never left its spot in the cabinet - when, while passing time thumbing through a popular retail catalog, I was awakened by that wonderful explosion of Fiesta COLOR! And suddenly I knew our days of dining at OTHER people's homes were over.

I promptly listed my fine china settings in the local classi-fieds, and within two weeks, not only my china cabinet but my ENTIRE KITCHEN was filled with the beauty of Fiesta! We use it for EVERY occasion...both casual and "fine", the holidays and the everyday.

I am proud to say that I have one setting in each of the contemporary colors! And not only has my family grown to love our Fiesta tradition, butI have turned many friends and business associates into "Fiesta Freaks"!

As I like to tell anyone who pulls up achair at my table, "You don't need fine china to have a fine time...Fiesta makes it FUN!"

Lynn P.
North Stonington, CT

In our 35 year marriage, the only dishes my husband and I have had are 2 sets of Corelle. We also bought some clear glass plates at Walmart to use at Christmas: They looked better than the old Corelle and they did not contain lead.

About ten years ago, we decided that we wanted a set of better quality dishes. We wanted attractive, affordable, practical dishes, much higher in quality than Corelle, but not something so expensive or delicate, we would be afraid to use it. We wanted them to be lead-free.

The dishes we saw in stores over the years were just OK; but not special enough to buy. My husband's late grandparents had Fiesta and the dishes held a very special place in his heart because he associates Fiesta with them. We never looked into purchasing Fiesta because we somehow ASSUMED they were loaded with lead. I have no idea how we thought that.

We absolutely did not want dishes made in China either. The turning point in our search came in Sept. 2009; we drove 50 miles away to attend an Arlo Guthrie concert. Before the show, we went out to dinner and the white restaurant china caught our attention. It was really beautiful and we noticed that it was stamped lead-free. I excitedly wrote down the manufacturer, Homer Laughlin, on a scrap of paper and put it in my purse.

The next day, I did an internet search on Homer Laughlin and found that we couldn't order the dishes on which we ate our dinner in the restaurant, but that Homer Laughlin is the company that makes Fiesta! Furthermore, Fiesta is lead-free!

We realized that Macys sells Fiesta so we went there to see some Fiesta in person and decided that this was what we had been looking for all these years. If only we had known it was lead-free. My husband started talking about his grandparents Fiesta and how much he loved to eat cereal out of the bowls.

We were overwhelmed by the online color choices, so we started by purchasing some java mugs in 4 different colors. At Thanksgiving, we showed them to our visiting guests and asked for their opinions on color choices. Each of our guests had a different favorite color, so we decided that for dishes, my husband and I would purchase our favorite colors, which were Cinnabar and Ivory.

For Christmas 2009, we bought the 5 piece place settings, 3 in Cinnabar and 3 in Ivory. We also added bread plates, 2 small teapots and a gravy boat.

We love them so much.

Karen M.
Orgas, WV

My name is Karen M and I got bit by the Fiesta bug, bad. It all started at Christmas 2006 when my sister bought me a five piece setting of scarlet Fiesta to go with my red decorated Coke Cola kitchen.

I loved all the Fiesta colors so well that I started buying up all the 5 piece settings that Fiesta had out at that time. Then my husband got involved with my collection and we started visiting all the antique stores from West Virginia to Tennessee, buying up all of the retired pieces, starting from the birth of Fiesta; 1936 to the present time.

We have 39, five piece settings of all the beautiful colors that Fiesta has to offer. My collection also has salt andpepper shakers, trivets, pyramid candle holders, and medium vases.

Collecting Fiesta has not only been fun finding all the different pieces, but it has become a passion of mine.

Amy A.
Oshkosh, WI

I began starting my Fiestaware collection after falling in love with my Nana's (Grandma's) collection. She has had hers for a while, but it was only when I moved into my own apartment and began thinking about eating off of something other than paper plates, did it actually spark an interest for me!

This "spark of interest" soon became a full blown passion! I proudly have my Fiestaware, which I use daily, on an open bookshelf as the first thing you see when coming into my apartment.

What I love the most about Fiestaware is the support and excitement my family and friends have shown me. Every Christmas and birthday, I get an onslaught of very apparent questions surrounding what colors or pieces I currently have sitting on my shelf. This is all so they can help me grow my collection and buy me something new.

I'm grateful they care for me so much to do that. I am especially grateful for my Nana's support since she was the reason this all started! (P.S. My collection has now surpassed Nana's and she is SO proud!)

Rhonda S.
Windsor, PA

My grandmother gave me my first Fiesta 35 years ago when I first moved out on my own. I never knew she had such a large collection stored in her attic until then. She explained to me how she collected it piece by piece in the early years of her marriage, and it was a reminder of those days.

Over the years I have added to my collection with new pieces and continue to use them every day. When my daughter moved out on her own I continued the tradition by giving her a starter set of my favorite pieces.

Although I am still waiting for my own granddaughter, I have already begun a collection of Fiesta for her. The Children's Fiesta Tea Set is kept under my bed until that day arrives. I know that set, as well as my everyday Fiesta will endure until I can pass it on to her.

As a testament to Fiesta durability, I have never broken or chipped a single plate, cup or serving piece.

Karen S.
Evansville IN

The twice-a-year Tent Sale at the Fiesta factory is one of the main reasons I collect Fiesta because it's one of the best girls' road trips ever!

After 20 years of marriage we decided to get new dishes and since I loved my sisters' colorful Fiesta dishes, we purchased several colors of the dishes about 7 years ago. So when we discovered the twice yearly tent sale at the factory and the great prices on Fiesta dishes, I began inviting my girlfriends to road trip with me. Newell, WV is 500 miles from my home so I drive 8 hours to camp out in the field and have the time of my life, waiting for the Tent Sale to begin!

Some of my favorite memories are with my girlfriends and sister (who drives 275 miles for the sale!). We also began collecting dishes at the sale for our daughter who will graduate from college in May.

Girlfriends road trip, lots of laughs, and great prices on dishes...that's why I collect Fiesta!

Tracey W.
Follansbee, WV

I have always loved the retired Fiestaware and began collecting it while I was in college. When I became engaged in 1990, I registered for all of the original colors of Fiestaware.

Every year since then, my husband purchases the new color for me as a Christmas gift. I have service for 30+ and that doesn't even include my Christmas dishes!

My love of Fiesta has spread throughout my friends and family. My grandmother and my mother have both switched to Fiesta, and my younger sisters registered for Fiesta when they were married.

For one wedding shower we actually combind our collections to have a "tea party" for 60 ladies! We entertain frequently and everyone knows that I would never use paper products!

My Fiesta has served at superbowl parties, brunches, picnics and dozens of birthdays. Even my pets eat from Fiestaware.

It's durable and beautiful so why wouldn't I use it for every occasion!

Marilyn F.
Huntington Beach, CA

Several years ago I was planning to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to take to my daughter's birthday dinner. I looked for the exact right plate to put them on and found the red fiesta dinner plate.

Then I knew I had to have a container to carry them in as cupcakes are difficult travelers. I saw the fiesta dinnerware box and I was hooked. I bought the whole red dinner set.

The cupcakes were a big hit and now when I take a pie or homemade dessert with me I go get a new color and use the box for delivery.
The plates get returned to me but I leave my friends with the box hoping that they too will get the collecting bug.

I love fiesta and I love the boxes and that's how I started collecting. I now have 17 place settings and 64 additional pieces. Every single time I open my cupboards and see fiesta I get a thrill of seeing how wonderful the dishes all look together.

I can't wait to see the new color.

Racheal M.
Tomball, TX

For as long as I can remember my mom has been collecting the vintage fiesta. She would talk about what colors were "old" fiesta and what colors were the "new" fiesta. There was a special cabinet under our stairs full of her finds.

I have countless memories of finding pitchers and vases, plates,salt and pepper shakers at flea markets and antique stores. I was hooked at a very young age.
My aunt would send my mom great pieces that she would find at thrift stores and at out of the way treasure shops.

My mom passed away two years ago and my family and I just bought our first home. I have found the perfect spot for that fiesta cabinet and I think of my mom everytime I look at it and those pretty dishes.

I cannot wait to share the love for collecting fiesta my mom taught me with my little girl.

Jane H.
Brookfield, WI

My partiality to Fiesta Ware began as a child in the late 1950's. I remember the large, smooth, turquoise mixing bowl we used all summer long at our cottage in northern Wisconsin. Whatever its use, from salads to popcorn, that bright blue bowl brought a "party" feel to any occasion.

My mother recalled receiving the bowl as a promotional item at a movie theater in the 1940's. I had to bring that "party" with me to my first apartment so I confiscated the bowl which holds a special place in my kitchen today.

Upon getting engaged to be married in 1980, I found registering for bridal gifts a daunting task. The simple solution was Fiesta Ware. This meant our guests had to search out pieces at flea markets and resale shops. Little did I know I was ahead of the times as the new lines had yet to be released!

Oh how I looked forward to creating memories with our children as our collection of "party ware" grew. My father made and installed plate rails surrounding our kitchen so I could display my eye-catching collection.

Over the years, as we have entertained, Fiesta Ware has many times been a topic of conversation and thus prompted some friends to become collectors as well.

I look forward to passing my collection to our children so they too can continue the tradition of a "party" at every meal.

Joyce E.

I love Fiesta Dinnerware because they are the first dishes I remember from childhood. I was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio and my Father bought a piece each payday at The Hub department store.

The turquoise bowl was mine for morning cereal. My brother used the cobalt blue one. We had green and yellow dinner plates. As I grew older, I remember coffee cups without their handles and chips on the plates but they were still used. I loved mixing and matching that set of dishes.

I love the shape and smooth design of the pitcher. My Mother made lime Kool-Aid with ice cubes in a green one many hot, summer days. I still have that pitcher and have it on display. I get a little tug in my heart when I see it. It is a reminder of the wonderful memories those bright dishes brought me.

A newer light blue one has taken its place. Today, I am amazed by the colors and patterns available but still like the solids in ivory, chocolate and scarlet.

Vikki D.
Jefferson Hills, PA

From my childhood, I have many wonderful memories of Fiesta ware. My grandmother had many grandchildren, and each Sunday evening the family would gather round her beautifully set table for a family meal.

When she passed, her belongings were scattered throughout the family and I received a treasured piece of her collection. I have started my own collection and I set the table each night, as I reflect on the memories of my grandmother.

Now anytime that I see new Fiesta ware, I think of my grandmother and how much she would love the designs and vast array of colors that the company produces today.

The memories it brings today are pleasant and abundant.

Lou Ann N.
Freedom, PA

Grandma's vintage Fiestaware is in Uncle Carl's basement and I WANT IT! Sunday family dinners at Grandmas are still vivid in my mind! Vivid with colors of Fiestaware!

My first memories of Fiestaware date back to the 1950's when I was a youngster and loved to set the table at Grandma's. I always got to choose the " colors" for our place settings! I would gently remove the prized Fiesta from the hutch and would set the table every Sunday for a wonderful dinner that was enhanced by these beautiful dishes!

Now I have my own kitchen..all Fiesta....I long for Grandma's Fiesta that is tucked away in Uncle Carl's basement! I do have one piece from Uncle Carl that was given to me on my 50th birthday but I WANT IT ALL!

The love of Fiestaware started a long time ago and continues with me as I have attended a Fiesta convention, auctions and even camped out at the factory to get good bargains on sale dates.(don't tell... I played hookie from school)

Today I continue to set the table EVERYDAY with my own collection ..... but I still want Grandma's Fiesta in Uncle Carl's basement....

Victoria B.
Taylor, MI

As a small child growing up in Pennsylvania in the 60's, I remember my mom setting the dinner table with all the colors of the rainbow.

She had a funny rule that I use today, the colors were not allowed to match. The chartreuse plate could not go with a chartreuse bowl, green couldn't go with green, etc. It made setting the table fun!

As I grew up, I learned all these colorful dishes were called Fiestaware. They were as popular (if not more) as the colorful aluminum tumblers we drank out of. My favorite piece of fiestaware was the yellow pitcher Mom made Kool-aid in. I have that same pitcher only in persimmon.

I loved all the colors and am proud to say I now own 18 different colored 5-pc. place setting and my daughter has laid claim to them after I'm gone. I look forward to the new colors that come out twice a year and can count on getting one of the new colors for Christmas.

Thank you for allowing me to share my memories of Fiesta with you.

Leah D.
Greenfield, MA

In the early 1950's, when I was very young, I remember the long journey to my grandmother's house for the holidays. The trip was only about two hours, but seemed endless to a young child about to be showered with the love, affection and gifts from her adoring grandparents. Once we had settled in, I being the oldest was allowed to help set the table for dinner. My Gram would pass me each place setting and instruct me on setting the perfect table. When we were finished she would place her hands on my shoulders and we would stand back and admire the table. I didn't really understand my gram's love for her dinnerware. After all, from a child's eye, they were all different colors-mismatched, not like the sets of dishes I was used to. But because they were obviously so special to her, they became very special to me...even if they didn't match! I was much older before I realized the true beauty of Fiesta. I do have the remaining pieces of my Gram's set, and fondly remember the wonderful treats she would serve in them! Through the years, I have collected my own set and much more! We use them daily but unlike me, my grandchildren know the history of all the Fiesta I have. Now, when they come for our holiday dinner I let them carefully set the table as I did once, the only difference being they can choose whatever colors they want for each holiday!

Eileen D.
Wantagh, NY

We did not have a traditional wedding, so we had no "bridal" gifts, eg. no china, dinnerware. Had seen fiesta dishes here and there throughout the years and was always attracted to the different colors. I grew up in a home that was extremely formal and did not wish for a "formal" dish set. Had owned Corelle for years, didn't really care for them, served their purpose. While on ebay, typed in fiesta and was thrilled to see so many listings. After several days, I decided to take the plunge and place a bid for a lot of various dishes in the original yellow, blue, persimmon and green color. Didn't even tell my husband. Imagine his surprise when a big, heavy box landed on our doorstop. I felt like a kid at Christmas. It was a great buy, even my husband was hooked. I've been collecting pieces to expand my original colors collection and we couldn't be happier. With three kids, they still look great. Only 3 losses so far. One of my large bowls in persimmon was broken by one of my children and I've been unable to replace it. Still don't know which one of them did it. No one's confessed. Last month I purchased some additional persimmon dishes to augment my collection. So happy with the lunch plates. Family members have asked if they could purchase a formal dinner set for us, for the time being; we've declined. I'm truly experiencing the joy of owning Fiesta!

Patricia H.
West Hills, CA

When I was a little girl in the early 1940's my parents had Fiesta dishes in many colors and it was my job to set the table every night. I really looked forward to this job so that I could play with all the different color combinations. That started my life-long love of mixing colors which has stood me in good stead in my quilting career. I still love mixing up the colors and trying new combinations. And I now have my own set of Fiesta dishes in many colors to play with all over again. Maybe I just never grew up (I'm 74) because I still enjoy setting the table for girlfriend lunches. And of course, my morning coffee seems to taste better in a Fiesta cup.

Janet S.
Valencia, CA

I can't think of anything I have collected in my 40 years that has brought me as much joy and happiness as my Fiesta Ware. There has been delight in the search, pleasure in the use and much enjoyment in sharing it with others. Fiesta is the fine art in my life; the color and shapes are infinitely pleasing. Before we had children I was able to buy Fiesta whenever I wanted to. Then along came children and eventually, just one income, and I am no longer able to acquire it as quickly as I once was. But I don't mind, because it just makes each purchase, each gift, all the sweeter. Something to anticipate and appreciate even more than I did before. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than to share my collection with my children when they go on to start their own homes and families. Fiesta- You are fun, festive, fashionable too, It's no wonder I can't resist you. Assorted, Adored, I'm never bored, You're never stored, Or ignored, Wish I had more, I tend to hoard, This timeless table treasure, Everlasting favorite beyond measure, Brings color and happiness to my home daily. Thank you.

Terry D.
Fredonia, NY

My husband and I have been married for 21 years and have never bought a set of "new" dishes. We have raised, to near completion, three great kids on an assortment of hand-me-down and gifted dishes. As my most recent birthday was approaching (a lady doesn't say which one), I asked for some new luncheon plates. My husband started looking at dishes. When possible, we try to buy American, so when he found that the Homer Laughlin China Company makes their dishes a mere 3 hour drive from our home in Fredonia, NY, the road trip to Newell, WV. was on! We spent several hours in the outlet store matching this to that and weighing the numerous options. Although my husband didn't get the cereal bowls he wanted (read small mixing bowls!) we finally decided on the Fiesta Square place settings. We have been using them ever since and the kids say that our meals look like something out of a magazine! My husband says it's hard to be miserable when you come to a table of Fiesta colors. We're sold and are looking to add to the place settings with the new colors coming out.

Sue M.
Eagle, NE

My story is a little different. My grandmother did have a full set of Fiesta, but she died when I was young. Even though I was young I remembered her collection of Fiesta well. She only used it on special occasions/holidays. My Grandfather remarried a lady and she continued to use my Grandmothers fiestaware. How I loved that Fiestaware, especially since it reminded me of my Grandmother. Upon the death of my step grandmother I was hoping to purchase the fiestaware in my Grandfather's estate sale only to find out that she had given it to a niece from her side of the family. How sad I was to not even be able to purchase one piece of my Grandmothers fiesta. After that I decided that I would have to collect my own Fiestaware, one piece at a time. I don't have a large collection, but I cherish each piece in memory of my Grandmother. Now my grandkids love to eat off of my fiestaware as much as I did when I was their age.

Theresa P.
Santa Cruz, CA

Fiesta came into my life as the youngest child in a large, happy family that was struggling financially like many others in the post WWII era. We went to a grocery store that had old, wooden floors dusted with wood chips, and the owners extended credit to families who were living paycheck-to-paycheck (like my own!). My mother found out about Fiesta by buying a hot cereal brand that hid Fiesta cereal/cream bowls in each box. We ate this breakfast every day until my Mom had every available color. We never complained about the boring cereal because our mother took such joy in her prizes. As our family finances improved, Mom began to seriously collect Fiesta, & constantly reminded us of its quality & value. I was honored one Xmas to receive a favorite vintage green bowl as a present. A few years ago, I chipped that bowl & felt so disheartened. The only solution was to begin to collect Fiesta on my own to atone for this loss. My mother is in a nursing home now in the last stages of Alzheimer's Disease, & we can no longer communicate as we once did. Every piece I purchase now is a tribute to her for her loving parenting, her ability to discover a bargain, her excellent taste, & her artistic appreciation.

Sharon C.
Marshal, VA

I fell in love with Fiesta dinnerware after eating at a wonderful little restaurant that used it for their serving pieces. I loved how they mixed and matched all of the pieces and colors. I was especially delighted to find that it was made by Homer Laughlin which made another pattern, Brittany, my grandmother had passed down to me as a teenager. My brother had given me money for my birthday so I rushed out to the closest department store and started my collection with four place settings. Not satisfied with the limited offerings in my area, I began scouring antique stores for different pieces and colors. My ultimate coup was a trip to the Homer Laughlin factory in Newell, West Virginia where I loaded up my car with all that I could carry. I really enjoy using my Fiesta dinnerware everyday because it is sturdy and makes my meals look happy. Adding to my collection with a new color is an annual highlight and my family and friends always know what they can give me as a gift. I can never have too many pieces!

Kathryn G.
Palm Bay, FL

I got hooked on Fiesta from my sister who uses the cobalt blue. I started buying used Fiesta from people selling theirs, I went with the pastel shades of Fiesta and mixed my colors, I now have a large collection but I am still looking for more, I live on SS and the only way I am able to buy is used. This will be a nice collection to leave my Son and wife in the future. I am so glad I found Fiesta.

Susan I.
Minneapolis, MN

What kind of fourteen year old spends her allowance on dishes? It was summer. Teenage hormones were raging. By August everyone needed a break so it was decided that I would go spend some time with my big sister. Every weekend there was a swap meet in the parking lot. This served as a major source of cheap entertainment for us. On the last Saturday of the summer we made one last foray through the tables. There it was…calling to me. A yellow Fiesta water pitcher. It was marked ten dollars. I talked them down to nine dollars and proudly carried my new treasure home. For many years my whole bedroom décor was planned around that pitcher. Twenty-five years and two children later one of our summer road trips lead to Newell. The boys aged nine and six, were well aware of their Mom's Fiesta compulsion. The factory tour was fun and they even got their own souvenir plates at the end. After my son had left for college I went to his room now empty of computers and video games and there, proudly displayed on his shelf among his other trophies, was the fiesta plate. It's in the genes.

Eleanor F.
Put In Bay, OH

We bought a run-down house on the Island and renovated it for a summer cottage. It turned out so well that we opened a Bed and Breakfast. Fred's Mom visited the island often, and often bringing her lady friends with her. She had had fiesta for years and said that she was tired of it and "wouldn't look good for the cottage". Ok, I said (since we had been using plastic). And I was hooked! Started haunting antique shops until the day our neighbor said he had a bushel basket of the stuff in his basement, if I was interested. Was I ever! So now we really did have enough to serve everyone for Breakfast - even had enough of the cobalt blue for a "Blue Plate Special". Everyone that stayed at the B and B was impressed with the fiesta so much so the there are husbands out there that still blame me for their wives addiction.

Cynthia Z.
Crown Point, IN

I come from three generations of FIESTAWARE collectors. Yes, Grandmother and Mother took out their FIESTAWARE on the holidays, but my fondest memories are of the everyday times. I recall being 5 years old, my cousin, aunt and I went to Grandma's lake house on a rainy, autumn day. As my cousin and I played around on the baby grand piano (I DO mean playing around, neither of us took lessons!) in the living room, Grandma was in her big kitchen cooking bread and our favorite chili. I remember the smells of the food, and the sounds of Grandma setting the table with her FIESTAWARE chili bowls, plates, cups and hanging flatware. I also, remember the cozy comfort I felt that dark, rainy afternoon, as I sat down at the table set with beautiful colors and delicious food. Wonderful! Grandma is gone, and now I am the grandma with FIESTAWARE! I try to create happy mealtime memories for my children and grandchildren, FIESTAWARE is now a part of their lives, as well!

John M.
Greencastle, PA

My first memory of Fiesta is when visiting antique shops with my grandmother. As we walked around the booths, I noticed plates and bowls in bright colors. My grandmother explained it was Fiesta and that lots of people collect it. We returned to her house where she reached into a cupboard and pulled out a Fiesta Collectors Guide. After briefly looking through it, she told me to take it and take my time looking through it. Being nine and seeing the prices in the book, I realized I could not afford collecting Fiesta, although grandma did give me some chipped pieces to keep. Fifteen years later in 1996, my wife and I were doing our registry and added a few place settings to our list. As married years have passed, our collection has grown considerably over the last fourteen years with help from friends and family picking out pieces and colors on their own as gifts for our family. The same pieces we received for our wedding continue to be used on a daily basis. Not only do we cook our meals with love, but I like to think we serve those meals with love on our beautiful Fiesta dinnerware.

Nancy G.
Cleburne, TX

Hi, my name is Nancy and I am an addict. I really can't say when it started, but my earliest memories are of walking into my Great Grandmothers' kitchen and seeing these beautiful colors behind the glass door cabinets. The overwhelming palette of the old Fiesta china just took my breath away. I would spend hours setting and resetting the table while the other kids played with toys. The years passed, and in the 70's it was time for me to pick china for my upcoming wedding. There was no Fiesta out there so I picked nothing! In the late 80's I saw Fiesta was being made again, but no colors that really grabbed me, so I went home and thought it over, realizing I could coordinate white Fiesta with linens and flowers, I started buying white Fiesta whenever I had extra money. By 1998, the colors I longed for were being made and I now have two place settings of every color and every serving piece Fiesta has made. I change my color scheme with every season and the Fiesta colors always make me smile. I am not a collector, just an addict waiting to see the new color and piece every year!

Sharry D.
Phoenix, AZ

For as long as I can remember I wanted a set of Fiesta dinnerware. I would see pieces in antique stores, and loved the character of each piece. I started researching heavily about two years ago when we visited the outlet center at the Flatwoods Factory Outlet in WV. My husband was from WV, and when I started reading the story about Fiesta, I was surprised to find out that Fiesta was actually made in WV. I have been warning my husband that the time was drawing near to make a purchase. November of 2009 we flew into Pittsburgh  and drove to Newell WV to pick out my Fiesta...finally. I couldn't be happier. We also picked up a WVU piece for my husband's mom. Since my husband still has family in WV it made sense for us to pick out what we wanted and have it shipped to AZ where we live. Ever since the purchase of Fiesta, I keep running into people that share the same passion about Fiesta that I do. I am excited to begin a legacy of Fiesta that I can pass down to my children.

Rebecca D.
Kent, WA

It started innocently enough - a vintage Fiesta® turquoise teacup for my Mom. The rest is a blur. I'm still not sure how I went from a single teacup to a house exploding with color. I suspect that these dishes reproduce on their own because there is no way I could have amassed so many pieces in such a short period of time! My collection continues to evolve with the help of an amazing Fiesta® community. We trade, gift, buy and sell. Through the years I've had many memorable dish moments - finding my first piece of vintage Medium Green (the tears were probably unnecessary, but mom let me take the plate home), the thrill of garage sale finds or an obscure auction win, animated discussions about new colors and shapes, meeting and talking dish with fellow collectors (no more rolling eyes!) and finishing my vintage 50s Fiesta® collection (vintage chartreuse is the best color EVER!) I have made it my mission to share the dish love and get at least one piece of Fiesta® into every home. I can proudly say I have converted at dozens of friends and family members! God Bless the USA and God Bless HLC!

Grace C.
Pittsburgh, PA

When my parents were married in 1938, my father's brother gave them a set of Fiesta dishes as a wedding gift. My father was eight years older than his brother and they enjoyed a vary close relationship. When "Chink" was killed in the war in l943, my father was devastated. He put the dishes in the attic where they stayed until after I was married. I've always liked Fiesta dishes, so I asked if I could have them. He said yes with two conditions, one that I would never use them and second that I would never get rid of them. They have been on display in my china closet for close to forty years. Every time I look at them, I remember my father and how much his brother meant to him. As promised, I will never part with them and hope that someday my son will keep them for his grandfather.

Carol L.
Buffalo, NY

Please welcome a Fiesta newcomer. My story began on a beautiful fall trip to West Virginia last October. My husband casually mentioned that we were just a short ride away from "this Fiesta Retail Outlet." Fiesta? Dishes? I think we are the only people who ever walked into that Outlet store that had never put Fiesta and dishes in the same sentence! We didn't know Scarlet from Cinnabar, but wow! We were like kids in a candy store browsing through the seconds, coming away with amazing finds. We chose a variety of serving pieces for the holidays, and my imagination was sparked! Christmas Scarlet works for Valentine's Day and for Buffalo Bills Sundays -we just need to add Cobalt and White! My Tangerine bowl isn't just for Halloween, but this delicious color says Easter egg, summer popsicle, festivity! Am I the only one who watched the Olympics and set her table with Fiesta's blues, greens and white? And then on USA-Canada Gold Medal Hockey Sunday, declared it a Scarlet, White and Cobalt day! Now, we're so excited to celebrate our first spring and summer with our Fiesta rainbow - flowers, July 4th, sunshine – bring 'em on! Fiesta traditions in our home are just beginning!

Anne L.
Omaha, NE

I sat at Grandma's table admiring the colorful Fiesta dishes that made her kitchen a warm and inviting place! At age eight, I was awaiting Grandma's special pancake dinner. For a week each summer, the grandkids would gather at Grandma's house. Making us the center of attention, she let us plan our menus. Who got which color place setting, was a conversation at her table, many a night. As I sat there, I admired those plates, wishing my mom had dishes as beautiful as Grandma's. Shortly afterwords, Grandma passed away. Special times at Grandma's table became precious recollections. Gone were Grandma's dishes. If only I had been old enough to voice my wishes to have her Fiesta, so full of memories! As an adult, I would gaze at Fiesta, remembering happy family times. When it came time to purchase new dishes, there was no question what to buy… a complete set of Fiesta! Today, spread across the country, the cousins rarely see each other, but those cherished memories remain. Several years ago, my cousin came to visit. She opened the kitchen cabinet and exclaimed, "Grandma's dishes!" Fiesta…. not just dishes… treasured memories!

Catherine R.
Coventry, CN

I fell in love with Fiesta about ten years ago. I had two young kids and I was looking for durable and pretty dishes that my whole family could use. I've never been a fan of melamine or plastic, but tough dishes are hard to find, especially when you have a three year old that wants to help "clean" the dishes. I had been buying cheap dishes that I could replace easily, but it is very frustrating when one or two knocks break or crack dinnerware! I saw Fiestaware in my friend's Betty Crocker catalog and immediately was drawn to all the beautiful color choices. Then I read about it's history and was thrilled that it was a product that was still made in America. I bought a few mugs and was so impressed with the durability that I have slowly replaced all of my dinnerware with Fiesta! My Fiesta has been dropped and knocked over countless times over the years and I have had only two breaks! I am old enough to remember that products used to be made well and made to last. Fiestaware continues that tradition by making beautiful durable products right here in the U.S.A. I fell in love with Fiesta for the colors but I am sold on its durability.

Kathleen P.
Anderson, SC

Rheumatic fever went through my father's family when he was young. Everyone recovered except for his next older brother. Uncle Jimmy was bedridden the last year of his life. Grandma bought Fiesta dishes to brighten his meal trays. Daddy signed waivers to fly during World War II despite his rheumatic heart. After the War I came along. I always liked the pretty dishes at my grandparents' house. Because Daddy was closest to Uncle Jimmy, and because I was the only grandchild who was attracted by the dishes, eventually Grandma and the uncle with whom she lived gave me the remaining Fiesta. Later I bought a box of Fiesta at a neighbor's yard sale. I'm not fond of red (too hot looking) but I found out the old "atomic" red Fiesta pieces were worth more in trade. Through barter and purchase at flea markets and antique stores I built up what has become my set of every-day dishes. I have teased that if I went broke I could survive for a while on what my Fiesta collection would bring--but I'd rather pass it along to a cousin's child if one expresses an interest in that part of our family history.

Rhoda S.
North Ridgeville, OH

Fiesta love first came to me from an unexpected source-my husband Bob ! Some years back a coworker asked Bob to accompany him to a gaming establishment near Newell. Knowing I was making a special dinner, he promised to be home early. Things apparently did not go as planned and the two overstayed. On the way back they stopped at the Fiesta outlet where the friend said he always bought something for his wife. Probably thinking it was a GREAT idea, husband Bob picked out a boxed place setting of persimmon. For me, still waiting with dinner, I was NOT happy when he arrived home quite late. However, when he showed me the Fiesta, everything changed- I instantly fell in love with it ! The rest is history; my large wooden plate rack with 29 plates is the showpiece of my kitchen and my hutch is brimming with Fiesta of every kind and color. Collecting Fiesta is super contagious-many who see it are now huge collectors. It is AN inexpensive and FUN hobby ! My Fiesta is not used only for holidays- Fiesta makes EVERY day truly more special; Fiesta adds PIZZAZZ to life !

Lori M.
Sussex, WI

"You must treasure the things that people you love have cherished. It keeps you in touch with them." I clipped that quote out of a magazine article years ago. By the age of 10 I had lost both grandmothers and one grandfather. My mother's mother was extremely close to me. I spent a lot of time with her as a young child and remember eating all of my meals off of her colorful dishes: Fiesta Ware. My Uncle Don told me that she had collected it painstakingly over time. She was not a wealthy woman and worked most of her life...she died in 1966 so her dishes represented a lot more than pretty place settings on a table. They represented a life of hard work and love for her family. She was an excellent cook so the colorful dishes and a good meal were an expression of love for her family. I have never stopped missing my grandmother. As I got older my Uncle Don gave me some of her most treasured items. Her wedding ring (a small gold band) and her bible were a couple of the things, but her Fiesta Ware was the thing that I treasure the most. I can hold a piece of it and feel her, as if she is still with me. On rare occasions I take the dishes out, put them on the Mexican style table cloth she used to use with them and have my mom and two uncles over to dine. I like to think she is watching and happy; content knowing that a legacy comprised of dishes is treasured more than anything else to me. My girls will get the dishes when I am gone. I want them to treasure them as I do and to use them as they were meant to be.

Lisa G.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Grandma, why are your dishes different colors?" "That's the way they're made, it's called Fiestaware." All those pretty colors on the table dazzled my eyes as a kid. Grandpa always ate his oatmeal from the bowl with the little ears (cream/soup bowl); I loved those little eared bowls. The orange (vintage red) is my favorite color from childhood. My mom inherited her mothers Fiestaware and used it exclusively for special occasions. Fiestaware brings back many happy memories of my grandparents and all the delicious meals my mother made. When I inherited my mother's dishes I decided they were too special and pretty to NOT use everyday. Fiestaware is colorful and vibrant but durable and functional as well. The baking dishes cook evenly and the food stays hot. I love the individual casserole dishes! Never boring, I put my dishes and silverware away randomly so when I set the table I'll never have the same look twice! Guess what? , My husband thinks washing the dishes is fun! I love that! I feel happy and closer to my grandparents and parents knowing they ate off the same dishes I'm now using. My daughter (4th generation) started her own Fiestaware collection; she didn't want to wait to inherit mine! In today's hectic world Fiestaware makes us sit down together with family and friends, sharing through good food and company the colors of our own lives. Long live Fiestaware! Thank-You!

Lauren B.
Vine Grove, KY

Fiesta has been a part of my family's traditions dating back to my great-great-grandmother who had the original Fiesta. The set was then passed down to my great-grandmother, then my great-aunt. My grandma decided that she had to have her own set of Fiesta so she bought the pastels from the 80's and 90's. When it came time for my mom to buy dishes she bought Fiesta, she now has a mixture of pastels and the new bold colors. When I was a freshman in high school I started asking for Fiesta for my birthday and Christmas. I now have more than my mom and grandma. This past fall my aunt started her set. We look forward to new colors and going shopping together to add to our collections. Beyond being passed from generation to generation Fiesta is a love of the whole family. We have it because we all love Fiesta. Copy and paste URL to view picture: Picture Left to Right: Mom (Karen) holding picture of my great-great-grandmother Louisiana, Myself (Lauren), Grandmother (Rose), Aunt (Paula) holding picture of my great-grandmother Francis, all Fiesta collectors.

Connie F.
Battle Mountain, NV

Life was meant to be lived large and loud, like the colors of Fiesta. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2006. After the initial shock and fear subsided, I made a decision that I was going to do this battle my way. I was going to be as active and happy as one could be going through chemotherapy. I kept working, went out often with friends and family, and during some of the sleepless nights, I was bidding on vintage Fiesta ware on eBay or buying a few accessory pieces I wanted from online sources. I absolutely loved the hunt to find those pieces I had always admired. And when they came in the mail – it was better than my birthday. It's been over three years and I am cancer free today. I learned the importance of living in the moment and doing what brings me joy. Ten years into collecting Fiesta, it still makes me smile whenever I look at the riot of color in my kitchen. I couldn't pick a favorite color because I love the effect when its all mixed together. It makes any meal a more festive event.

Connie H.
Los Altos, CA

I have always had a love for vintage looking items. Fiesta was not only dishes, but had serving pieces to match! They were lead free and affordable. I was so excited and quickly picked my favorite two colors, Periwinkle and Rose. My husband quickly picked HIS two favorite colors, Yellow and Apricot. We got 2 place settings of each color and threw in sea mist for good measure, for a total of 10 place settings. We had my father in-law for dinner soon after our Fiesta arrived and he exclaimed "I ate on plates like this when I was a kid!" Unknown to us, this was a well-loved brand! I knew I loved this vintage looking stuff! Every time a new color came out, of course, I loved it too, I would get two place settings and a few of the accessories…now 20 years later, we have 2 place settings plus various accessory pieces of every color, except black! We have get-togethers at our house and the Fiesta in my white, glass-front cabinets are a hot topic of conversation. I would NEVER trade my Fiesta and will add to it the rest of my life! Better build more cabinets!

Sheryl K.
Arapahoe, NE

I became interested in Fiesta many years ago when I attended a meeting at the home of a dear friend of my mother's. Both of whom are no longer with us. The friend had an amazing collection of vintage Fiesta that she had acquired as a young married woman in the late 30s. She told me that she had used it throughout her married life until one day she decided to put it away and bought a new set of Fransicanware. During the 70s she decided to display it proudly above her kitchen cabinets and that's when I fell in love with Fiesta. I looked forward to visiting and attending meetings at her home, not just to visit her but also to hear her stories about her Fiesta. In the late 90s I redeemed some S&H Green stamps and ordered three five piece place settings in persimmon, light yellow and chartreuse. Later I purchased post 86 cobalt blue and turquoise. I put them away and never used them until we built a new home in 2005. I was hooked long before that and had purchased some vintage pieces off and on at estate sales, but the real addiction came when this dear friend passed at the age of 96 and I attended her estate sale. I was fortunate enough to be able to win the bid on some lovely pieces, such as a yellow coffee pot, green teapot, green ice pitcher, several platters and dinner plates. But the damage was done and I have been an avid eBayer and estate sale attendee. I fear that if there is ever a Fiesta-holics Anonymous I will be a charter member.

Linda L.
Brookfield, WI

Whenever I use my Fiestaware, I recall one particular Easter. My parents married in 1942 and Fiestaware was their wedding "china." Growing up, these were our special occasion, "good" dishes. The bright colors at each place, always mixed, not matched, made the table festive and cheerful. This particular Easter, the drop leaf at the head of the dining table wouldn't lock open, but my parents somehow braced it. Family and friends were seated, served, and had begun eating when -- CRACK!! The leaf bucked UP! And flopped DOWN! Colorful Fiestaware --blue, yellow, orange and green -- and Dad's colorful dinner-- cranberries, green beans, sweet potatoes, turkey, macaroni and more -- EVERYTHING flew straight into the air, and cascaded down onto Dad's lap and the floor! Relieved laughter followed shouts and screams. Fiesta breakage was minimal. The dog eagerly helped clean up. And, as always, there was enough food for Dad to have another full serving…on a TV tray. Mama eventually got "real" china, and was delighted to give me her Fiestaware for my "good" dishes. Each time I take out the Fiestaware, I still picture that Easter dinner flying into the air. I smile, remember good family times, and create new memories.

Margaret M.
Lemon Grove, CA

I am a new collector of Fiesta. With the project of furnishing a new home for retirement, my husband wanted a smaller plate and I wanted to do something different to brighten and cheer up our home. For 44 years, we have had all table settings match (boring). And if one dish broke, panic time set in. Patterns do become discontinued. We started thinking about our friends and family members who sit at our table and their different personalities. So why not have dishes with different personalities? Putting together a collection of Fiesta was a no brainer, once we saw the variety of colors and styles. Now we have multiple colored dishes complimenting the different personalities sharing our table and the colors really brighten up the table. We use the luncheon plate as our main plate (which encourages smaller portions). Have to watch the waist line! If a dish brakes, we have no problem with replacement. We are delighted to have chosen a dish that is fun to have and very practical. Thank you Fiesta!!

Ruth W.
Bechtelsville, PA

Growing up on a small farm our everyday dinnerware was Fiestaware. Mom, who is now 97, said she purchased the set piece by piece at a local farmers market. She said she paid 35 cents a piece. I always enjoyed when she served soup because I thought the soup bowls were really neat. I got some of the pieces as she downsized and moved to a nursing home and, yes, I got some soup bowls. When I started dating my husband I discovered his family used Fiestaware for special family and holiday dinners. We acquired that set from his mother. The whole set is in real good condition and when I wanted to use it in my new kitchen in 2000 I couldn't. Not being able to use it in a dishwasher and microwave I was afraid I would nick the pieces and ruin the set. So I packed the set away and went out and bought my own set in my own chosen colors. I am so glad it is usable in the dishwasher and microwave. I love it even more and recently added two more place settings to my set.

Cheryl B.
Muskegon, MI

When I was growing up, my parents had an older couple as their close friends. We would eat Sunday dinners, sometimes evening meals, and holiday dinners with them. When I was about 4 years of age, Grace asked me if I would help her set the table for the meal. I didn't know what Fiestaware was at that age, I only knew that she had the most beautiful set of dishes I had ever seen. It wasn't long before Grace would take the dishes from the cupboard, but let me do the table setting all by myself. Sometimes, I would set everyone's place setting all in the same color, but my favorite was to "mix it all up". Grace had such a variety of pieces and colors that it was never the same table. She would just smile at me as I would move the colorful dishes from spot to spot until I thought the table was perfect. Fiestaware has always held a "special" spot in my heart. My eyes always light up when I see them. I could never limit myself to the thought of having "enough"'s just not possible.

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