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Fiesta® Dinnerware’s Skull and Vine Collection Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter

Newell, West Virginia – (January 9, 2018) – Fiesta® Dinnerware’s SKULL AND VINE collection is about to brighten tabletops in a whole new way. The brand expanded the collection to include SKULL AND VINE - Sugar, a colorful take on the Day of the Dead-inspired design set against a white ceramic background.

The new SKULL AND VINE - Sugar will be introduced at the The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®, January 9-16, 2018, in the Fiesta Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin China Showroom, Building 2, Floor 9, Suite 941.

SKULL AND VINE - Foundry was introduced last year to an overwhelmingly positive response. It featured the same SKULL AND VINE design in metallics set against Fiesta’s Foundry cast-iron like finish. SKULL AND VINE - Sugar features a rainbow of Fiesta colors like Scarlet, Turquoise, Poppy, Sage, Daffodil, and new color Mulberry. The colorful design is displayed on Fiesta’s classic White ceramic dinnerware.

“When we introduced SKULL AND VINE - Foundry last year, we knew we had something special. The reaction to the collection was better than we could have anticipated,” says Rich Brinkman, VP Sales & Marketing at Homer Laughlin. “This expansion into SKULL AND VINE - Sugar is a drastic contrast from the original design, but is equally as stunning. Dark and sophisticated or light and colorful, there’s a design for everyone.”

SKULL AND VINE - Sugar will be available in the following pieces:

  • Luncheon Plate, 9” ($34.00 MSRP, $22.99 MAP)
  • Appetizer Plate ($28.00 MSRP, $17.99 MAP)
  • Chop Plate, 11 ¾” with a center decal ($52.00 MSRP, $34.99 MAP)
  • Chop Plate, 11 ¾” with a rim decal ($59.00 MSRP, $39.99 MAP)
  • Tapered Mug, 15oz. ($38.00 MSRP, $25.99 MAP)
  • Pasta Bowl, 12” ($68.00 MSRP, $46.99 MAP)
  • Bread Tray ($54.00 MSRP, $36.99 MAP)
  • Ramekin, 4” ($28.00 MSRP, $19.99 MAP)
  • Large Disk Pitcher, 67oz ($86.00 MSRP, $59.99 MAP)
  • Salt & Pepper Set ($59.00 MSRP, $39.99 MAP)
  • Utility/Jam Jar ($52.00 MSRP, $34.99 MAP)
  • Tumbler ($34.00 MSRP, $22.99 MAP)

In addition to the introduction of SKULL AND VINE - Sugar, SKULL AND VINE - Foundry will expand as well. New pieces include:

  • Chop Plate, 11 ¾” with a rim decal ($92.00 MSRP, $45.99 MAP)
  • Bread Tray ($52.00 MSRP, $34.99 MAP)
  • Ramekin, 4” ($28.00 MSRP, $17.99 MAP)

The new SKULL AND VINE pieces will be available to consumers at better department stores, independent retailers, .coms, and on  by Spring 2018.


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