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Fiesta Dinnerware Launches New Designs For 2019

Newell, West Virginia – (January 8, 2019)  Fiesta® Dinnerware is launching a series of new pieces for 2019. New designs include: Americana Stars, Fall Fantasy in Blue, Flower Pots, and Scatter Print Paws for dogs and cats.

The new designs will be shown at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®, January 8-15, 2019, in the Fiesta Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin China Showroom, Building 2, Floor 9, Suite 941.

Americana Stars

Patriotism is always in season. Whether you’re celebrating July 4th, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or just your love of the USA, this red, white and blue star studded design honors all that makes America great. Americana Stars will be available in the following pieces: 

  • Luncheon Plate (MAP $26.99, MSRP $54)
  • Bread Tray (MAP $32.99, MSRP $66)
  • Tapered Mug (MAP $26.99, MSRP $54)

Fall Fantasy in Blue

Fall Fantasy in Blue is a timeless everyday design that brings nature to the tabletop with an assortment of leaves, pinecones and acorns. It features Fiesta signature colors: Sunflower, Lapis, Mulberry, Turquoise, and new color Meadow.

The Fall Fantasy in Blue collection will be available in several pieces, including: 

  • Luncheon Plate (MAP $22.99, MSRP $46)
  • Tapered Mug (MAP $25.99, MSRP $52)
  • Appetizer Plate (MAP $17.99, MSRP $36)
  • Chop Plate (MAP $45.99, MSRP $92)
  • Gusto Bowl (MAP $26.99, MSRP $54)
  • Bistro Large Bowl (MAP $44.99, MSRP $90)
  • Bistro Medium Bowl (MAP $33.99, MSRP $68)

Flower Pots

Fiesta also is introducing an adorable Flower Pot. At 3 ½” diameter and 3 ½” tall, it’s perfect for showing off your favorite indoor and outdoor plants. And a set of three conveniently fits on the Fiesta Small Bread Tray (sold separately). The Flower Pot will be available in variety of color schemes, sold in sets of three: Bright (Lemongrass, Poppy, Daffodil), Bold (Lapis, Mulberry, Scarlet) and Cool (Turquoise, White, Meadow). (MAP $29.99, MSRP $44)

Scatter Print Paws

Fiesta is never one to forget its furry friends. Dogs and Cats can rejoice in new designs featuring dog and cat paw prints. Scatter Print Paws will be available in the following: 

  • Scatter Print Cat Paws, Small Bowl (MAP $22.99, MSRP $34)
  • Scatter Print Cat Paws, Medium Bowl (MAP $24.99, MSRP $36)
  • Scatter Print Cat Paws, Appetizer Plate (MAP $20.99, MSRP $31)
  • Scatter Print Dog Paws, Small Bowl (MAP $22.99, MSRP $34)
  • Scatter Print Dog Paws, 2qt Bowl (MAP $46.99, MSRP $68)
  • Scatter Print Dog Paws, Medium Bowl (MAP $24.99, MSRP $36)
  • Scatter Print Dog Paws, 1qt Bowl (MAP $34.99, MSRP $52)

 These new designs will be available to consumers at better department stores, independent retailers, .coms, and on by Spring 2019; Fall Fantasy in Blue will be available June/July 2019.


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